New Age cult-ure vs authentic rawness

In the spiritual New Age community’s and cult-ures you see the human goddesses, the Mother Mary’s, the Athena’s, The Aphrodite’s, the Yeshua’s, the Human Michael Archangel and the Thor’s all around. Like possessed honeybees crumbling at the beehive. Like order followers from the queen bee working for the same slavery system, the God entity from the controlling grid.

If you aren’t love and light; cuddling all your pain away, doing yoga, reading oracle cards, dress up like a New Age hippy or Goddess, God or Master with all the fantasies and sparkling, invisible unicorns, saying yes to everything instead of questioning important things, believing in spiritual dogma’s from cult leaders with hypnotizing skills, then you are not enlightened. (they say) You have probably dark energies around you or you are afraid of the (false) love and light light.

But the truth is that the synthetic cosmic drug perhaps is blinding you instead of enlightening you.

So be it, be who you are, be authentic, that means the whole package, the light, the dark, the clean, the nasty, the ugly, the shameless, the ugly, the beautiful, the raw authentic you.

There are so many possessed spiritual cult- beings, lightworkers, New Agers, love and light folks created from the false light matrix. Being a human God or Goddess, Master, spirit guide or other light being outside of you or being played by these entities isn’t being authentic. Just being your true self is the real thing including all your miserable and ugly elements.

I no longer resonate with the whole cult- thing so I choose to be myself, the authentic me, that means, deep, confronting, being a loner but sometimes craving for good company, animal and  eco- friendly, philosophizing a lot, highly sensitive, opinionated, healer, deep seeing, creative, bizarre, idiot, occasional loser, cosmic nerd, conscious creep, disgusting humor, having a phantom cock; yep you’ve read that right, crazy, multidimensional and I am sugar addicted.

But in the end I am just myself, no more New Age conditioning and having the fear of being exposed as a raw human being. So I invite all the deep diving peeps, the spiritual idiots to come out of the false light closet & embrace your rawness and authenticity, all your imperfections, shadows and demons, your nerd looks and behavior, neurosis, your naked face without all the layers of make-up or the false self protection mechanisms to look cool or lovely all the time while you are definitely not.

Just flabbergast the world with your fucking uniqueness and shine your truth while being amazing just as you are.

-X- Anita


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