The useless fear of your own power

Sometimes the scariest thing is’ that’ what we as humans all poses. Which is why more often than not it remains hidden in the individual: A timeless, endless primal force. This inner force can be so intense that it can feel  as though you’re being crushed by nothing less than yourself, your power. Because this power ever so often is not felt and acknowledged, it results in so much misinterpretation and deception in the world. People are still more likely to go and look outside of themselves  instead of looking within. But when one starts to come in contact with this inner primal force, it can be quite overwhelming at first, which in turn can lead to a lot of self-doubt, self-sabotage. This can result in not or hardly making the necessary choices. An individual can fall victim to endless loops. In these times of expanding consciousness,  more and more people become aware of the restrictions of the five senses and the endless possibility’s life has to offer as well. We start to learn who we really are, why we are here. It’s  not strange that this new outlook on itself and life often times goes hand in hand with confusion and feeling overwhelmed. There are people who, in the midst of this process of awakening, chose to give up and want to go back into their comfort zone. But even though awakening is not for the faint hearted, is would be a massive shame if fear keeps the individuals from not seeing and acknowledging their own powerful potential.

Sometimes i feel like some sort of a monster or a wild beast with untamable forces that wants to break free from the present roads and patterns. My 3D Anita- Identity sometimes gets blown over by this force in me. This force that just needs to get out and be unleashed, like a baby that goes through the birth canal to be born. This force can be unpredictable, because it cannot be controlled by the ego mind.

The Society we live in, is being divided in boxes, labels and all sorts of rules to make sure people stay in line. This same society wants nothing to do with this primal force. The reason for this is if all humans on planet earth would get in touch with their inner primal force, this controlling robot-system would fall apart like a card house. Sometimes you realize you are so much more than that little human being with its many roles it takes on in life and become aware of this power in you. A power which is capable of creating so many beautiful things. A force that will surprise you that this is even possible to experience this in human form, with our limited senses(hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling). A lot of the time when a challenging situation like an emergency happens where someone’s life is on the line, we intuitively come in touch with our primal force.

Or for example when we go through difficult times, looking back on them realizing not only did you survive them, but how much you learned from it and how much stronger and wiser you have become. This all too often goes hand in hand with another force that a lot of us are not consciously aware of. FEAR. The fear of this inner force seems meaningless. But is understandable considering all the conditioning, programming and deceptions which can lead to imprisonment thinking. It does ask a lot of us to break ourselves free of this. One person can free him or herself quickly, while another person needs more time to get in touch with his or her own inner power. This usually goes hand in hand with a process of awakening  with (a lot of) ups and downs

Belief systems outside of yourself and the pitfall of so called redemption

Religion, New Age, all sorts of movements and authority’s like feminism, politics and world leaders, anarchy, guru’s, channelings, healers and angels, motivational speakers, the educational system, the Truth Movement, artificial intelligence, self-help books, Buddhism, Zen- teachings, it doesn’t really matter. For as long as you hold firmly to something outside of yourself, with the corresponding  convictions, it could be that you unconsciously are caught in the redemption principle which presumes that there is something more powerful, more divine, more grand than you that is going to save you and/or all of humanity. Unknowingly you are giving away your own power to an external force outside of yourself. This is a pitfall that a lot of people get caught in. This is because for decades now we have been programmed to think like this. This also has to do with the fear humanity has for their own inner power. Because the more we embrace our own power, the more all the lies, illusions and hidden agenda’s behind all these belief systems are being revealed. I do however want to be clear that by no means am I saying that belief systems are all wrong or that all of them have hidden agendas. Only when men trusts something blindly without doing the necessary research, one could ask themselves how pure this belief system is. Also keeping in mind that some belief systems require  worshipping, sacrificing, judging, tunnel vision thinking etcetera.

You could say that everything that can’t really be traced back to source or that is being externalized, can leave a question mark for yourself to do research to what extend you are giving away your inner power and authority. For example, the twin flame concept. In the twin flame community there is a lot of misguidance, deception and confusion. The core of the twin flame concept revolves around union (the holy marriage) between the masculine and feminine polarity inside of yourself. You can experience this threw a physical bond or connection you have with another individual which ignites a process of deep inner healing. The New Age concept of the twin souls however, speaks of one soul divided into two separate body’s. I speak from experience that I can say It can really feel  like you are being amputated without that other special someone by your side. But both the individuals are completely whole within themselves. Because of the pain experienced when separated, and then reading about these New Age concepts of Twin Flames, can cause one to believe he or she is incomplete without ‘the other half of their soul’. You can see why such believes are quite dangerous for the awakening process of the individual. Because once again it can lead to giving away your power to and outside force, in this case the twin soul or the twin flame community. I would suggest just always be skeptical, stay sharp, filter, do research and in this way develop your own inner compass more and more so you can trust and follow this inner compass more and more.



Overcoming self-doubt versus critical ability

A lot of people who are scared of their own inner power can endure a lifetime of continues self-doubt. Doubting if they are good enough, questioning their skills. What do they specifically want and desire in life, like if their current job fits them or if there is a different type of way to not only earn a living but also can be executed with passion. Does their current relationship still match them and do their current habits still fit etcetera. Self-doubt can cause postponing choices or not making them at all. A lot of the time a big fear of failure or making the wrong choice can cause a person to freeze (fight, flight or freeze responds). This can result in people staying in relationships that are no longer fulfilling and don’t work anymore, a job that doesn’t suit them, or staying in a community or hanging on to a religion that doesn’t feel right anymore. All this because of this eternal self- doubt

Having a critical ability can come in quite handy, especially when it comes to things such as belief systems which are outside of yourself. This quality helps you to stay critical and keep investigating. But this quality can also backfire on you and result in being to critical of one self which again results in the never-ending loop of self-doubt. Afraid of making decisions, what can result in not making the choice yourself but rather leave it up to external factors such as spiritual dogma’s, your job, your partner, your friends, your kids, society etcetera. The secret recipe for conquering your self-doubt is practicing and developing a more healthy dose of self-confidence- and belief. Easier said than done, trust me I know. These insecurities are often a result of experiences in childhood and puberty. Maybe you learned you had to be modest, quit, be ‘a good girl’, or ‘boys don’t cry’. Maybe your parents never listened to you or gave you love in the ways you needed it. Maybe you never got compliments and were never validated. Maybe other children teased you or never wanted to play with you or you were somewhat invisible in class. Maybe you didn’t get the highest grades or wasn’t the prettiest etcetera. These experiences form you as a person, which often result in adults with a lot of convictions about themselves and who they supposedly are. The truth is, you are not your experiences, you are not what other people put you out to be, you are not your thoughts , your worth doesn’t depend on how much money you make or how many things you have. You are a glorious, unique, powerful soul having a human experience in a human body. On this beautiful planet earth to learn his or her lessons and to experience life to the fullest.

When you become aware of all these misplaces convictions it makes way for you to actively start working through your soul wounds. These misplaces convictions than can make place for new, more healthy ways of viewing one self. It can help to start to express yourself more creatively, or do something more active like singing, dancing, writing, speaking, learning to play an instrument etcetera. Express yourself in any way that nourishes your soul. The goal here doesn’t have to be to become the best, the goal can be to simply enjoy expressing yourself. Because you are here for a reason and are a gift to the world that has all the right to be seen and heard. So, back to the critical ability. It is very good and necessary to have a critical ability, just as long as it doesn’t backfire by causing endless self-doubt which often results in denying your inner primal force. It’s such a shame to see how so many people are too afraid to experiment, take risks. Who don’t believe in themselves enough to reach that full potential we as humans all have in our own unique ways and often results in regret  and missed chances.



Researching your beliefs

With everything you truly think en feel to be true, always ask yourself this: Where does this come from? Why do I believe this to be true? Would I be willing to let go of this belief if proven necessary? With a deep inner conviction, the truth of these convictions often times get externally validated by situations. You hear and read things that confirms or support you in your beliefs. This has to do with your inner focus. See it as a radio frequency you are tuned in on. There is however also a more natural phenomenon called ‘synchronicities’. Synchronicities do exist but I believe it’s usually more subtle and calm. Not like the ‘all in your face billboards on the streets or the texts and pictures on Facebook or seeing double numbers. The challenge here is to tune in into your own wisdom and power and learn to differentiate between your self-proclaimed and subjective radio station or real synchronicities that are actually trying to tell you something.

Artificial synchronicities, being a product of programs of belief systems and deep rooted convictions who work through your mind and as a result come to life in the outside world. Once again, this doesn’t always have to be the case, the synchronicity can be real with a pure content and a belief can be pure. But never the less convictions can lead to having blind spots and as a result you unknowingly could get outside confirmation of those things you wish to see. Not because the synchronicity is real, but because this is a creation of the programs working together with your mind. Your mind being the creative expression, projecting this into our 3d world. This again makes us give away our power to forces outside of ourselves and only causes distraction and possibly suffering of the things we should be focusing on. But in a way this too is a lesson. To learn and grow in life it take a couple of wrong turns, bumping heads and bruises. But some people don’t ever see the truth behind the façade and remain in these false programs and belief systems. And this is a real shame, not only for the individual but for the collective as well.

A lot of people believe in something because it feels good or safe,  not to mention the often very deep collective programming that has been going strong from generation onto generation. This includes mind control technics and deceptions in the world that go so incredibly deep, it could really blow your mind. I don’t find it weird at all that some people during awakening go a little coo coo at times. It is a lot to take in and takes a lot of reprogramming one self. I think every soul choses their path and when you are drawn to this type of information you can be assured your soul chose to awaken. So even though in seems hard at times, in the end it will be so worth it. When you find yourself in the big pile of ashes and learn (by gradually seeing and trusting more and more on your inner wisdom power) to rise like the phoenix you really are.

When you can stay open minded and can take in all possible points of views on a subject (spirituality, conspiracy theories, world leaders, religion, nutrition, artificial intelligence etcetera), research it and don’t lose yourself in it, this can help to get in touch with your inner strength, that primal force, within yourself more and more.

Trusting your inner voice

I wouldn’t want to call it ‘intuition’, but rather your ‘inner self’ or ‘inner voice’ that is connected with an endless higher wisdom, creative universal force that cannot always be comprehended with the mind. Your intuition is always connected to it and it is your unique roadmap through life. Only you can decipher this roadmap, this no one else can do for you. They can inspire you, but not do it for you. Your inner voice has nothing to do with the ego mind. But it can be quite difficult to differentiate between the two. The mind is usually overly active, with the continues inner chatter (the monkey mind). Your inner voice is your soul, this voice is more subtle and has a more loving, warm feel to it. To learn to listen to this inner voice it’s important to become quite so you can become more receptive. Practicing meditation and mindfulness are essential to reach this calm and receptive inner state.

When you make a habit of listening to your inner voice through (guided) meditation, mindfulness. But also walks through nature, swimming in the ocean. Or simply be quite, without distractions of your smartphone, computer, TV etcetera, and to just be aware of your surroundings. Every colour, every smell, every sound, every feeling. Waking up and sharpening those senses again can really help you a lot to hear your inner voice more often and more clear. The more you are ‘in touch’ with yourself, the less you feel the need to hang on to any authority’s or belief systems outside of yourself.



Getting out of the comfortzone

From a practical point of view it’s important to make sure you don’t stay in your comfort zone for too long. This happens oh so quickly. Before you know it, it has become a habitual pattern, especially when it feels so safe and cozy. It already starts with little daily routines like drinking coffee every morning, the same routine at work, watching TV after dinner, showering of having dinner at the same time, going to the same bars, taking vacation in the same country and place etcetera. To find that force within you, it’s important to sometimes dare yourself to take a step on unknown territory. Do things you’ve never done before. How many times people use excuses like: ‘But I’ve always done it like this, this is just my way of doing things and it works for me, dot. A lot of people fall into an mediocre, predictable life. Now, I don’t want to presume that there is anything wrong with this. If you genuinely feel you are completely happy in your life, than why would you change it. But are you sure you are not lying to yourself? Because the chance remains that out of fear for the unknown you can miss out on incredible adventures and possible life changing events. And at least new lessons learned and getting to know ourselves better.

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to do things very differently than what you are used to. Go to that country you normally wouldn’t go, try new foods, try out a new sport, go to different restaurants and bars, try something that will get you out of your comfort zone at least a little bit. This can really help to get to know yourself better, maybe rekindle a flame inside yourself and get more and more in touch with your inner primal force! By challenging yourself knowing you are capable of so much more than you thought is really important. Even when you suck at that new sport. It’s okay! You tried it. Not for you. What else could potentially be fun and just try that. The world wasn’t built in one day. The same goes for personal development. It is a journey, your unique journey.

Final words

Find your power and stay there my friend. Don’t get fluttered by that good old primal force that resides in you! It actually is your best friend, try to treat it in this way by allowing it. Become the captain of your ship and sail through all the things you want to get out of you and your life no matter how rough the waves get sometimes. It is not always easy, living in a world full of distractions. But let this be your challenge! Cheers 2 you; )



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